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Smart Hand Writing Pen



Install the APP on your smart devices(tablet/smart phone);

Connect the pen with your tablet or smart phone via Bluetooth, Write on the paper (with invisible OID codes) and it will record the real chirography on the tablet/smart phone.

The optical sensors work with the invisible codes on the paper as well as the pressure sensor to record the handwriting and send it to the smart devices via Bluetooth.

Stroke order detection;

Location coordinate detection;

Movement tracing;

Time calculation;

Speed detection;

Pressure sensing;



Application scenarios

1. Business report/meeting memo record;

2. Teleconference record;

3. Design/drawing;

4. Do a survey;

5. Online teaching/training;

6. Inactive Classroom;

7. Mark the recording file--you can write down key words or time when you do the voice recording, and then find the corresponding content on the app very easily. No need to waste time on finding the right content later when you want to review some of the recording content.



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