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Off-line Voice Recognition Solution


Based on the design of professional intelligent speech recognition chip system, it can be widely used in home appliances, home electronics, lighting, speakers, toys, wearable devices, automobiles and other product areas to achieve voice interaction and controlBnpu, a brain neural network processor, is built into the chip, which supports local large vocabulary speech recognition and voiceprint recognition. It can be used in various intelligent speech schemes in combination with the built-in CPU core. Built in high-performance low-power audio codec module and hardware audio processing module, it can be connected with external microphone to achieve single chip far-field noise reduction and echo cancellation. At the same time, the chip also integrates multi-channel UART, I2C, SPI, PWM, GPIO and other peripheral control interfaces, which can develop a low-cost off-line intelligent speech recognition scheme with a single chip. It can connect WiFi, Bluetooth and other wireless modules through the built-in high-speed UART interface to realize off-line voice scheme. The basic functions of the product can be controlled by offline voice, and the content and service can be realized online,-The scheme can seamlessly connect the local intelligence and cloud intelligence. On the premise of satisfying the cloud application, it can also solve the pain points such as network instability, delay, network disconnection affecting the user experience and pure cloud interaction unable to guarantee the user's privacy and security.


  • Support  60-300 voice instructions;

  • Long distance recognition---up to 10 meters;

  • Echo and noise cancellation

  • Recognition rate: 97%

  • Respond time:0.2-0.8s

  • Working consumption:0.04w-0.1w


  1. Central control hub for home electronics;

  2. Directly used for home electronics with voice remote control function---for TV, Air-conditioner, Cooker, Fan, Light, coffee machine, etc...

  3. Interactive toys----voice recognition toys;

  4. Wearable device;

  5. Automobile electronics.



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