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Wifi storyteller/MP3 player


The smart storyteller with wifi solution was developed based on Realtek 8711STMwhich is a highly integrated single-chip low power 2.4GHz WLAN and Bluetooth (BLE5.0) communication controller. It consists of a high performance MCU (ARM V8, Cortex-M4F) and a low power MCU (v8m. Cortex-M0).

System memory: with 512K SRAM and 4M PSRAM;

Flash support: up to 32G;


Wifi: 802.b/g/n

Interface: USB/SDIO/MII/I2C/I2S

Available functionality:

1. Storyteller/MP3 player

2. Interactive with APP through Wifi or Bluetooth.

3. Downloading new content from the defined server/cloud.

4. Plenty of other innovative applications.

Why we select wifi solution?

  1.  Give better companion for your smart kid---interactive with the kid by chart, sing, remember hobbies, etc...

  2. Help parents to have remote companion for their kids---parents can talk with kids through voice messages.

  3. Help parents to get the right education content for their kids---link to the safe content server and download the safe and educational content for the kid. 

  4. Personalized for your kid---can do personalized settings for kids.



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